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Tips for designing your children’s bedroom

A child’s bedroom is more than just a place they sleep at the end of the day, it’s a nurturing environment where the child will much of their playtime, study time and where they’ll retreat to when they’re feeling down. Depending on their age the bedroom may have different features and amenities, but it is […]

How to Give Your Home ‘Curb Appeal’

‘Curb appeal’ is a phrase you may have seen thrown around home improvement and interior design articles when referring to the street view aesthetics of your home. Curb appeal simply means that exterior attractiveness of the house with features including the windows, door and entryway. Naturally, curb appeal is also a buzzword in real estate […]

Bedroom Space-Saving Ideas

Even if you don’t subscribe to the feng shui principle that clutter will hurt your chi, everyone recognizes the benefits of a well-kept, orderly bedroom. To create a feeling of tranquility in your bedroom, clear out the clutter and maximize floor and closet space with easy-to-implement space-saving ideas. Closet Reorganization Ideas Not every bedroom has […]