Even if you don’t subscribe to the feng shui principle that clutter will hurt your chi, everyone recognizes the benefits of a well-kept, orderly bedroom. To create a feeling of tranquility in your bedroom, clear out the clutter and maximize floor and closet space with easy-to-implement space-saving ideas.

Closet Reorganization Ideas

Not every bedroom has large walk-in closets, so you must optimize your particular storage space. Keep items off of the floor to make the space appear larger. Add shelving for shoes, hats or accessories. Wall-hanging organizers and behind-the-door racks can be used to save space as well. A pocketed shoe organizer is a great space-saving idea, which helps keep shoes together, ordered, dust-free and off the floor. Adding an additional clothing rod, which is simply extended from wall to wall, and can be placed halfway below the original rod. This gives you space to store additional clothing, leaving more space on the top for clothing to be seen for easy scanning.

Under Bed Storage Ideas

The simplest use of the valuable real estate under your bed is to just use plastic tubs with low profiles to place seasonal clothing or décor. Added space can be attained with adjustable bed risers placed under the legs of the bed, raising it a bit more off the floor and giving you space for more tubs or items that could fold such as fitness equipment or vacuums. If you have a modern platform bed, look for a sturdy storage chest or trunk and place it at the foot of the bed or under a window. Cover the trunk with a chair pillow to create a sitting area. Many beds, including children’s styles, come with drawers or storage space built-in. These styles are ideal, since you can place anything from the house in the inconspicuous storage space, including holiday decor, seasonal clothing, games, books or toys.

Cool Corner Cabinets Ideas

Adding a stylish piece of storage furniture to your bedroom, like an armoire or wardrobe, is space-saving furniture that can actually make the room feel less cluttered. Choose a cabinet that matches your existing bedroom decor. Use if for storing bedroom items that you use frequently, like throw pillows and blankets.

Wooden Cabinets Ideas

While they physically don’t increase space, there are some easy tasks that make your bedroom appear larger. Mirror doors make your bedroom visually double in size. You can either use it as the main door to your room or as the closet door. Try not to add too many unnecessary details such as thick wooden panes to it. Keep it lean and simple as much as possible. Also, lighter curtains and paint will give your bedroom a larger ambiance. The more light you let in, the bigger the room will look. Painting your bedroom walls with soft eye-pleasing colors such as white, light blue or pale yellow can help reflect the light and visually maximize the size of the space. Venetian, Roman and roller blinds are ideal for little bedrooms, as they make the room seem bright and airy while allowing you to have your privacy at the same time. Roller blinds are also practical decorative items when you try to separate two areas in the bedroom or make one room do two jobs.

Cool Bed Type Ideas

Different space-saving beds can better utilize vertical space and bedroom storage space. Full over full bunk beds for adults or children are one of the most popular types of space-saving furniture. If there is only one person in the room, loft beds provide a bed on top and office, play or sofa space below. While many people think bunk beds are mainly for kids or sailors, the variety and styling of today’s full bunk beds for adults make this space saving resource an excellent addition to the bedroom.

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